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Daily Dose – Affirmations for Business/Career
April 23, 2007, 9:50 pm
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I pledge to strive to understand myself and the motivations for my actions and goals as I bring my personality to my new business knowing my habits and attitude become part of my venture.
I have discovered freedom beyond my wildest dreams in the knowing that my joy does not depend on anyone or anything outside me–it is an inside job.
I love the way money comes to me effortlessly in expected and unexpected ways.
It feels so good knowing that business comes to me in all seasons.
I love the way my reputation attracts clients to me.
My desire to enhance my life and the lives of those for whom I care creates the Incentive I need, and makes my fondest Dreams come true.
I start each day with enthusiasm.
I’m the essence of success. I’m unique, valuable, and highly intelligent. Ideas come to me effortlessly, enabling me to achieve whatever I want in Life. I trust my inner guidance, and I make decisions with confidence.
I pledge myself to develop a leadership style that gets things done.
I realize that success will come through my positive efforts and the efforts I do for others.
I let myself play and have fun.
I’m comfortable in my interactions with others.
I allow support from others in my life.
To prosper, I learn to say no to unreasonable demands from employees, suppliers, and customers.
I strive to be honest in all my affairs, as I know that dishonest dealing and greed will color my ethics, diminish my self worth, and cloud my decision-making skills leading to a failing business.
I strive to avoid chaos and confusion.
I no longer equate bigness with success. I will understand that growth and success are not the same. Obsession with growth can lead me into bankruptcy.
I work to avoid actions based on my moods and emotions to create an atmosphere of stability in my company.
I do not hesitate to ask for customers and their business.
I will not wait, nor feel hesitant about selling my products or services.
I will realize a common failing is not following up on my actions.
I view cash as one of my most important assets.
I know I will never run out of money.
I ask myself before committing my money, my lifestyle, my future, and my business: if things don’t work out, can I afford the risk?
I have learned not to confuse entrepreneurship with gambling.
I seek knowledge everywhere I go.
I persistently act and move toward my goals.
I’m positive and prosperous minded.
I create powerful visions, devise fun ways to eliminate overwhelm, overcome procrastination, and do whatever is necessary to get everything done.
My will, self-esteem and spontaneity get better and better every day.
I love challenges and learn from every situation in my Life.
I use my time efficiently.
It’s fun and easy to take action toward my goals.
I feel strong, excited, passionate, and powerful.
I Contribute to the world in a meaningful way and I’m paid back a Million-fold.
I manage my money and all my other resources wisely.
I radiate warmth and friendship to all.
My happiness comes from within.
I release my past pains and frustrations and welcome the present day positive energy rushing into my life and absorb it to the fullest.
I have a wonderful, fulfilling relationship with all the people I work with. I can trust the guidance I get from others. I feel my connection with whom ever I am working with in everything I do.
My approach to creating a profitable business is remembering Success requires skill, resources, and positive behavior reinforced by maturity, honesty, and perseverance.
I pledge to avoid the temptation of laziness and will give to my business so that it is successful and prosperous one day at a time.
I realize that being organized in pursuing my goals is the foundation to building a successful business.
I work to understand that quitting too soon is planning to fail. I will stay with my business regardless of its problems as long as it is my choice.
As to luck, I think of it as dessert, not the main entrée.
The financial success and spiritual growth of the people of all ages gives meaning to the knowledge I teach and the life I live.
Love and Devotion is my Strength. 

~Greg Nice


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