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Touch The Sky Event
March 16, 2007, 3:50 pm
Filed under: motivation, personal growth, the collective

Greg Carroll and Keven Stirdivant hosted an event called “Touch The Sky – Master Your Mindset” last weekend.  There was a small but enthusiastic audience and shows the potential for becoming a much bigger affair.

For me personally it wasn’t so much about learning new ideas and concepts, since I’ve been reading about this for quite some time, but it was a good affirmation of what I’ve been reading, and inspiration to continue working with these ideas. Plus, its always motivating to be around other people that share similar beliefs and are working on similar goals, so the community aspect of it was important for me.

The panel was one of the highlights since it featured people from the “underground” music and lifestyle community: Aloe Blacc, Nima from Digital Gravel, Danny Boy from La Coka Nostra and House of Pain, branding guru Bee Nguyen from GrandTactics, singer-songwriter Margeaux Fernandez, and pro skateboarder Stevie Williams.  Each person had an inspiring story to share. I think the type of community that Carroll and Stirdivant are involved with will be important in bringing these concepts to a younger generation, and also to an entrepreneurial generation that exists outside the typical corporate business structure.

A few of my fave concepts that I took away from the event include:

“Focus on your problems, your goals disappear. But focus on your goals and your problems disappear.”

“What you see in life depends on what you are looking for”

“What you wish to experience, provide for another.”

And a couple of affirmations:

“I attract greatness and easily manifest my goals.”

“I focus my mind on what’s good.”


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